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Staff visits Parrot Sanctuary in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - August 2018

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Christmas Party 2018

Dr. Bill Lewis began working for Dr. Nasir Shah at Willow Street Animal Hospital in October 1991, when he first moved to the Lancaster area. Dr. Lewis and his wife Angela briefly moved to Homer, Alaska in September 2005 (to be closer to the mountains and less traffic!) and fell absolutely in love with the state. But working there at that time just didn't work out for them.

So when Dr. Shah was retiring, he offered Dr. Lewis the chance to buy Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic, and he accepted! And Dr. Lewis and Angela still enjoy sneaking away with their Greyhounds to hike and camp when they can!

Dr. Lewis and Angela support several Greyhound rescue organizations with time, money and lots of love. Please allow one of these wonderful, loving dogs to race into your heart (and sleep on your couch!), you won't be disappointed!

Greyhound links for adoption and other information: (National Greyhound Adoption Program)