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The highest quality of radiographs available at this time. We have the capability of emailing x-rays directly to a board certified animal radiologist to assist with very complicated cases.

Microchipping (HomeAgain)

Basic Grooming

Includes baths, minor trims, ear cleanings, anal gland expressions, nails.

Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic

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State of the art therapeutic laser therapy packages are offered. Therapy may be repeated as needed in the future. We assist pets who have pain due to arthritis, injuries; assist with wound healing/surgical incisions.

* First-time clients who wish to try this can get 15% off one treatment. Many clients who have seen the results of laser therapy are convinced of the results and continue laser therapy as needed.

Preference given to LHVC clients. Proof of vaccines must be given if coming from another facility.

Vaccinations & Wellness Care

Dental Care

To assist in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Includes spays, neuters for dogs, cats, rats, rabbits and ferrets. Dr. Lewis also uses a surgical laser exclusively for the previously mentioned surgeries and for cat declaws. Using laser for declaw lessens pain and inflammation versus standard old-school declawing with scalpel.

Cat declaws: Dr. Lewis will do front claws only, unless the client has medical documentation from a physician stating the cat must be declawed for owners health reasons (this is rare.) Cat must be an indoor cat only.

For cats and dogs, including dental cleanings and extractions.

Routine Surgeries

Digital Radiography

Laser Therapy

Specialized Surgeries

Boarding (Limited)

Keep your pet healthy!

Dogs: Basic vaccines include rabies and distemper. Lyme, Canine Influenza (flu), and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccines are also recommended in this area. Every other year we recommend Heartworm testing if preventative medication has been given monthly (annually is recommended by the American Heartworm Association.)

Cats: Rabies and distemper are basic recommended vaccines. Also recommended FIV/FELV testing and FELV vaccine, if negative.

Exotics: We vaccinate ferrets for rabies. We also do basic beak and wing trims.

Routine procedures include: limited ophthalmic (eye) procedures, amputations for cases of injury or cancer, mass removals, patella luxation (knee) repair, simple fracture repairs, intestinal, and bladder surgeries. Dr. Lewis does many cruciate surgeries (ACL) each year and even performed the ACL surgery for another local veterinarian's dog!