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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic is a full-service vet in Lancaster. We offer everything from annual wellness care check-ups and vaccinations to diagnostic appointments. We also offer spaying and neutering, digital x-rays, and surgical services for your pet.

Read more about our services below, or contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet.

In-House Pharmacy

A complete in-house pet pharmacy at your convenience for efficient treatment

We match prices on Bravecto and Sentinel Spectrum on Chewy!

Vaccinations & Wellness Care

Basic vaccines for cats and dogs is rabies and distemper.

Dogs: Lyme, Canine Influenza, Bordetella (Kennel cough) also recommended.

Cats: FIV/FELV testing and FELV vaccination (if negative) also recommended.

Exotics: Rabies vaccination for ferrets and beak and wing trims for birds.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses light waves to decrease inflammation and pain and to increase healing. It's used for post surgeries, hot spots, arthritis, acute injuries, chronic ear problems, abscesses, and many other applications.

We offer treatment packages to save you money.

We believe strongly in the positive benefits of laser therapy so we're offering your pets first treatment FREE!

Dental Care

For cats and dogs, includes dental cleanings and extractions.



To assist in reuniting lost pets with their owners.


A HomeAgain microchip is your pet's permanent ID. A pet microchip—the size of a grain of rice—goes beneath your pet's skin. This permanent ID can never be removed or become impossible to read.


HomeAgain uses this ID to contact you and reunite you with your pet.

Exotic Pet Care

Includes pocket pets, reptiles, and birds (beak, wing, nail trims), rabbits, and ferrets.

We have contract with Petco, and do many of their exotic exams. We also see exotics from That Fish Place/That Pet Place as needed.


Specialized Surgery

Routine procedures include: limited ophthalmic (eye) procedures, amputations for cases of injury or cancer, mass removals, patella luxation (knee) repair, simple fracture repairs, intestinal, and bladder surgeries.

Routine Surgery

Includes spays and neuters for dogs, cats, rats, rabbits and ferrets.


Dr. Lewis uses a surgical laser exclusively for the above mentioned surgeries and for cat declaws.

He also specializes in soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.


Digital Radiography

The new gold standard in x-rays. The radiographs are now preserved on digital medium (disc) and not on traditional film, so they don't need to be "developed."


The quality is vastly superior to old-school films, and can be digitally enhanced for better viewing, and can be sent to board certified radiologists for additional consultations (if needed) with less than a 12 hour turn around time.

Limited Boarding

Provided to LHVC clients.

Proof of vaccines must be provided if coming from another facility.


Pet Health Certificates

For air travel inside and outside of the United States.

Dr. Lewis is accredited to issue these certificates.

Please give as much notice as you can.

Some countries require a 10-day turnover for issue and other countries may require up to 6 months.

Call for further information.

Health Certs
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