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Caring For Your Pets As Our Own.

We have many reptile breeders who use Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic exclusively. Contact us at (717) 393-2444 for all your reptile medical needs.

Did you know that Dr. Lewis has a great interest in reptile medicine and has been seeing all reptile species for over 25 years...long before it was "cool"!

Routine & Specialized Surgeries

Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic | Lancaster, PA

Dental Care

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Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic

Vaccinations/Wellness Care

We Can Help with Exotic Pets​

We're contract with our local PETCO and That Fish Place/That Pet Place to treat all EXOTICS/POCKET PETS such as:  rodents, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, turtles, geckos, chameleons, water dragons & other reptiles.

Boarding (Limited)

We will match all sizes of Bravecto available on chewy.com

Flea & Tick Protection for Your Cats and Dogs

Basic Grooming

  • Once every three-month flea control chew for dogs

  • ​Every three-month application for cats.

Digital Radiography

Laser Therapy

The laser is a non-invasive, deep-penetrating light that stimulates cells to heal faster, and is a pain-free way to help conditions such as chronic arthritis, post-surgical pain, ear infections, and teeth extractions, just to name a few. Click here for a FREE treatment coupon!